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I Don't Celebrate Anything

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I Don't Celebrate Anything is the perfect children's book that explains that not all children celebrate holidays. 

Fully illustrated with fun artwork and a message about caring and diversity. 

"This engaging animal tale affirms that meaningful experiences exist outside holiday festivities." - Kirkus Reviews

What Readers Are Saying

What a sweet story.
This book needs to be in all classroom libraries. This book represents many children who don't celebrate holidays, yet have amazing and beautiful traditions that need to be shared as well!

I am so connected to this book. Personally, I am not so much into holidays, yet I have TONS of beautiful traditions in my familly. Traditions so unique to us, just like the story in this sweet book!

Totally recommended!

Yanina - Lets.celebrate.learning

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An excellent way to introduce children to traditions that may differ from theirs. Shares how whispers and questions can cause uncertainty about these traditions. The book is beautifully illustrated, and this helps to tell the story that Annie is sharing about how she feels. I highly recommend this book if someone asks why or to help someone understand before the whys and questions begin.

Lara - Amazon Reader

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I’ll never forget when I was little I had a friend named Esther, and she didn’t celebrate holidays or birthdays. I wish I would have had a book like to this to explain to me that not all children celebrate the same thing or at all.

In this story we find Annie the Porcupine who doesn’t celebrate holidays being confronted by children who don’t understand this. As children are egocentric, they can’t fathom that other children do things different from them. Annie starts to feel sad and wonder if her family is “weird” because they do not celebrate. She gets frustrated and lets it all out. Then we find her coming together
With her family and being comforted by her family.

This book is great to show children how others may differ from them. It is a great tool for parents and teachers to help their children better understand the needs and feelings of other children. The pictures are also well done, and it was a great book to read aloud. 

Cara - BookShelfMama Book Review

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