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A Tribute To My SuperMom

Thirteen years ago, a phone call echoed with news that forever altered the course of my life. My mom, a warrior in her 10-year battle against Colon Cancer, had reached the end of her journey. She wasn't just a mom; she was my supermom, a beacon of positivity and patience that remained unwavering even in the face of Cancer.

She had a voice that had the power to soothe my sole with just a comforting "Hello" over the phone. Her hugs were capable of making everything better. She had a laugh that would fill a room and she found joy in the simple things, preserving moments from our childhood and those of her grandchildren.

But it wasn't just her warmth; it was her wisdom. She possessed the ability to say the right words, even when I resisted hearing them, but desperately needed to. She was stubborn and cared little for others' opinions, following her convictions with strength and unwavering determination.

As I reflect on her legacy, I find inspiration to embody the qualities that made her extraordinary. I aimed to create Annie the Porcupine's mom as a true representation of the unwavering support and boundless love that characterized my mom. The kind of mom who would drop everything to cross the country for you and convey volumes with just one kiss.

Mom, I miss you every day, and your influence continues to shape who I am. Thank you for being my guiding light, my source of strength, and my eternal supermom.

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