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Annie and Alex (aka Mr. and Mrs. Campbell)

On the 12th day of November, against the backdrop of a small Michigan town named Hell, Annie married her soulmate, Alex. The intimate ceremony, attended by a close-knit group of 12, fit Annie and Alex's personalities. As a proud parent and someone who is deeply invested in family, this day marked not just their union, but also the continuation of a journey that began eight years ago.

Annie and Alex's story began in high school, where we first knew Alex as "Soup," one of Annie's school friends. Little did we know that their connection would evolve into this beautiful romance and that he would become an integral part of our family. Alex's role transformed when he became a father to our grandson, Roland. Witnessing his dedication and love for both Annie and Roland assured us that he was not only a great father but also a wonderful life partner for our daughter.

One of the remarkable aspects of their relationship is his understanding of her one-of-a-kind personality. Annie's prickly exterior is met with Alex's unique sense of humor, which is able to calm her insecurities, anxieties, and fears. His ability to make her laugh and to be a source of comfort and strength shows the depth of their connection.

Their commitment to a shared future in the midst of the perfect picturesque backdrop of a cool Michigan autumn day. It's evident that they envision a future together that is filled with laughter, love, and shared interests. Alex's actions speak volumes about his love and respect for Annie. It brings me joy to see him transition from being a porcupine named Campbell in the "Annie the Porcupine" series, to a cherished member of our physical family. His ability to handle Annie's mood in "I Don't Celebrate Anything" mirrors his ability to brush off a snap comment as if it didn't happen. I am grateful that he has become a real member of both the Neumann family and the porcupine family.

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