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Book Three Has Officially Hit The Shelves!

The latest installment in Annie the Porcupine's journey, "I Can't Give Him a Valentine," is here. This heartfelt story is just another chapter in Annie's life, bringing her unique perspective and endearing personality to the forefront.

I am truly grateful for the ongoing collaboration that has allowed her story to come to life. She has grown to be a significant part of my life, and the connection she shares with readers is truly something worth celebrating.

In "I Can't Give Him a Valentine," Annie finds herself, in true Annie fashion, feeling a bit left out and concerned about social expectations surrounding holidays. Being worried about what other people are thinking about her family's tradition of not celebrating holidays, a theme that resonates with many who navigate a world that often emphasizes festivities, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Annie the Porcupine's stories were inspired by my own childhood experiences. However, I feel a new sense of purpose as readers connect to Annie and share their own similar childhood experiences. It's a testament to the universal theme of inclusion, diversity, and traditions.

Some readers have been curious about why Annie doesn't take part in holiday celebrations, have birthday parties, or exchange valentines. However, the beauty of Annie lies in the fact that the 'why' is not the focal point. These elements are intricate parts of her culture, an integral part of her identity, much like her prickly porcupine personality.

As we continue to dive into Annie's story, let's celebrate the richness of diversity of traditions and the uniqueness of each individual. Annie the Porcupine continues to remind me of the importance of embracing my true self, unapologetically and authentically.

Thank you for being a part of Annie's journey, and I hope you enjoy the latest adventure as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you. And to celebrate, I am currently running a special for all 3 books at one price.

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