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Bragging Rights

Today I participated in a multi-author book event, joining 38 other authors representing various genres. Mingling with fellow writers, especially those I admire, is always a pleasure for me. I find joy in networking and observing the diverse marketing strategies used by different authors. The day was particularly rewarding as I reflected on the engaging conversations I had with my peers and the inspiring ideas sparked by the displays of other authors.

What set this event apart was the unique competition for the coveted title of best book cover. The voting process began in October, and I was thrilled to see "I Don't Celebrate Anything" make it to the finals, securing a spot among the top ten books. Throughout November, I eagerly tracked the fluctuations in votes, anticipating today's unveiling of the results. While there were no monetary rewards at stake, the pride associated with bragging rights and a trophy made the competition fierce.

Every book cover in the top 10 was a work of art, a true reflection of the author's narrative. I was in awe of the creativity displayed by my peers in capturing the readers' interest. I was flattered as fellow authors approached my table to share that they had voted for my book. Their expressions of admiration and how my cover compelled them to delve into Annie's story were heartwarming.

As the day unfolded, I waited anxiously for the announcement of the results. Earlier in the day, I received a list of people who had voted for me, and the list was long. However, I saw other authors with a similar list, so I new the competition was tight. When it was time for the announcement, starting with the 5th runner up, I thought the book over that I had been neck in neck with over the last few days would clinch the win. To my surprise and immense pride, "I Don't Celebrate Anything" was declared the winner.

This was a great climax from the first time I laid eyes on Annie and the illustration that captured her and the emotions I wanted to convey. Winning affirmed that others shared my sentiment. To everyone who took the time to vote for me, a heartfelt THANK YOU! I hope Annie the Porcupine continues to offer a unique perspective to family, tradition and celebrations.

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