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Embracing a Michigan Blizzard

Today marks the first genuine wintery day in Michigan, as the landscape becomes a snowy white winter wonderland. Knowing that Annie and her fellow porcupines are snug in their dents, I couldn't help envying their wisdom in choosing to stay in their dens on such bittery cold days.

As the blizzard is in full force, I find myself bundled up inside, attempting to thaw my ice hands. The need to fetch my husband, who shares our only car, presented a challenge. It is one of the few times that I actually ponder that a second vehicle may be in order. I also wondered why my gloves seem to be inadequate for the task of keeping my hands warm!!

Venturing outside to rescue my car from underneath inches of snow, I encountered the challenge of a broken wiper blade, twisted and frozen. With the help of my neighbor, we attempted to make it functional while battling the wind and freezing temperatures. Although we managed to reshape the blade, a screw refused to cooperate. I had a sigh of relief that you could see in the crisp cold air when I got the news that my husband found a ride from a co-worker. To this unsung hero, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ten minutes in the house and my hands are still frozen. Thankfully, a recent purchase of molasses may end up being my savior. After my molasses milk blog post, I purchased molasses to reconnect with my childhood. I am going to seize on the opportunity tonight with a cup of warm molasses milk. But, I am contemplating an adult version, possibly with spiced rum to add an extra layer of comfort. Picture this - a cozy blanket, a captivating book, and a mug of molasses magic, all while attempting to coax warmth back into my hands.

If only every blizzard could be met with such delightful remedies. Here's to embracing the charm of winter, one molasses-infused sip at a time. Stay warm, Michigan!

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