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MACUL Attendee - Annie

As an educator navigating the virtual landscape, attending conferences becomes more than just a professional obligation; it's an opportunity to innovate and inspire. And for me, the MACUL conference presented a chance to bring a special guest along – Annie the Porcupine.

Annie isn't your typical conference company, but how could I not have a spiky, yet lovable, creature by my side.

The journey began with packing - not just pens and notebooks, but also our favorite road trip snacks of corn nuts and trail mix.  As we hit the road, our excitement was overflowing, and Annie’s quills bristled with anticipation.

Arriving at MACUL, I wasn't sure how Annie would be received. But to my delight, my colleagues embraced her presence with open arms (figuratively, of course – we kept a safe distance from those quills!). They helped me come up with a few different photo ops.

But Annie wasn't just along for the ride; she had a purpose. As I presented to a group of teachers, Annie sat perched on the podium, quietly observing the crowd with her curious eyes. The topic of discussion? Virtual field trips – a passion of mine and a resource I was eager to share with my fellow educators.

As I delved into the myriad of resources I had found, Annie watched and gave me the support I needed. The response from the audience was overwhelming. Teachers scribbled notes furiously, their enthusiasm matching Annie's own boundless energy. The idea of taking students on virtual adventures resonated deeply, opening up new possibilities for engagement and enrichment.

As the conference came to a close, Annie and I reflected on our whirlwind adventure. Together, we had traversed the halls of MACUL, sparking inspiration and igniting a passion for virtual learning. And while Annie may not be your typical conference attendee, she proved that sometimes, the most unexpected companions can make the biggest impact.

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