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New Year's Resolution

The dawn of a new year beckons us to reflect on the triumphs and tribulations of the past year. This introspection serves as the foundation for crafting resolutions—personal aspirations aimed at self-improvement, growth, and positive change. To me, it's akin to creating a vision board, outlining what I wish to accomplish, the strides taken toward my vision, and the hurdles encountered along the way.

Drawing from experience, I've found that focusing on one personal and one work-related goal is key. This strategy allows for optimal energy allocation, ensuring that each goal receives the attention it deserves. Last year, our family rallied around the goal of orchestrating our daughter's wedding—a heartwarming accomplishment. Simultaneously, I pursued the publication of "I Can't Give Him a Valentine," celebrating another literary milestone. However, a lingering goal lingered in the background, lacking the prioritization it needed amid the chaos of the year.

This year, that goal takes center stage: fostering a stronger connection with my readers and expanding my reader base. If this is my 2024 vision board, reflection on past successes and areas for improvement becomes paramount. Sharing this journey holds me accountable, and I'm eager to outline the strategies that will shape this year's narrative.

1. Social Media Strategy: Last year, I crossed paths with Diana, a catalyst for the transformation of my website. She implemented a shopping link, streamlining book purchases directly from my site, and spurred the initiation of my blog—a project I'd long envisioned. In 2024, I aim to build on this foundation by consistently sharing not just my blogs but also personal moments, travels, and encounters on my social media platforms. By doing so, I hope to forge deeper connections with my readers.

2. Strategic Book Events: While I attended various book events, author meet-ups, and read-alouds last year, I acknowledge that my lack of defined priorities led to varying degrees of success. This year, my goal is to select events that align with my objective of connecting with readers. Last year's networking efforts bore fruit, leading to collaborations with like-minded authors. Together, we have exciting plans for 2024—virtual book events, writing sessions, author meet-ups, and more. It's shaping up to be a fantastic year for meeting new readers and spreading Annie's story, emphasizing that embracing different traditions isn't weird but should be celebrated.

As I embark on this journey, I invite you to follow along, share your insights, and join me in this pursuit of meaningful connections and literary adventures. Here's to a year of growth, shared stories, and embracing the unique tapestry of traditions that make us who we are.

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