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Porcupine Fun Facts

I'm thrilled to start a new chapter in my obsession with porcupines, which is solely inspired by my love of Annie the Porcupine. I have decided that I need to know as many fun facts about real-life porcupines, and so do all my readers!! As I learn new things about the prickly, but cute rodents, I will share them with you as a weekly fun fact.

Starting this week, join me every Friday for a dose of Porcupine cuteness! Whether it's a quick social media post, a blog update or even just a fun puzzle, you are invited to discover something new about these delightful creatures. I want Annie the Porcupine to be more than just a character, I want her to be a window into the world of porcupines. We can celebrate the discovery that comes from exploring the world around us. From exploring their preferred diet to looking at where they leave, I am hoping to find out all the wonders of the porcupine kingdom.

Have you ever seen a porcupine in the wild? Do you have questions about these intriguing creatures? I'd love to hear your story and find answers to your queries.

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