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Virtual Fun Ahead

Last year, I enthusiastically registered for a virtual book festival, with the intention of being actively involved throughout the month-long event.  Although I did participate, my health posed a challenge, hindering my desired level of engagement. I made a personal commitment not only to participate this year, but to play an active role in the upcoming festival.

For me to do this, prioritizing my health became a necessity. I had to take the time to listen to my body and implement a well-structured schedule that emphasized self-care. With the new school year, I incorporated timers on my phone, serving as reminders to log off and take breaks, have lunch, I had to work on making sure that I was healthy. This meant really listening to my body and to make sure that I put into place a schedule that helped me prioritize myself. When the new school year started, I set timers on my phone to remind me to log off and take a break, to take lunch, and to log off for the day, rather than staying on for hours. I also set alarm reminders to ensure I dedicated daily time to writing endeavors.

Anticipation built as the registration for the upcoming event arrived. Having already met with the organizer and other participants to discuss the festivities beginning on February 1st, I am thrilled. This is more than just a book festival but promises to be a month filled with enjoyable, fun interactions with fellow book lovers who share my passion. The theme, "A Séance at the Whitney" adds an interactive and mysterious twist to the event. Personally, I am excited to play a role in this captivating who-done-it! Yet beyond the intrigue of a mystery, I am eager to spend a delightful month surrounded by a group of great people. I am playing a role in the mystery, which I am truly excited about, but I am more excited about spending a month with a great group of people.

Make sure that you register to join in on the fun. Register ends daily at 6:30PM EST at Don't miss out on the fun!

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