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Thanksgiving - An Inclusive Celebration

Thanksgiving presents an ideal opportunity to foster diversity and inclusion within the classroom. Traditionally, elementary schools have immersed themselves in turkey crafts and lessons about pilgrims. However, I've observed a shift among several teachers who are embracing alternative approaches, focusing on inclusion and diversity through the exploration of gratitude and cultural awareness.

Rather than sticking to the usual Pilgrim and Native American narratives, teachers are illuminating different perspectives within the historical context. They guide students into discussions that explore various viewpoints, promoting critical thinking and empathy. Recognizing that there are two sides to every story, this approach encourages students to consider both perspectives and make connections.

Teachers are also introducing students to diverse cultural practices within their own classrooms. This exposure allows students to understand that traditions vary, fostering an environment where all students feel valued. For instance, I recall a moment when some students were surprised to learn that I don't watch the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving Football game but instead follow the 49ers. They thought everyone watched the Lions!

The season also provides an opportunity to teach gratitude. Beyond the social-emotional learning component, this becomes a valuable way to showcase different cultural expressions of gratitude. It's a means to instill a genuine sense of appreciation that extends well beyond the month of November.

As someone deeply passionate about ensuring every child feels included, I see these approaches as powerful ways to transform a day not universally celebrated into an occasion that cultivates unity. It prepares students to navigate a world where inclusivity and cultural sensitivity are essential.

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