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After months spent indoors during the winter chill, today marked a welcomed escape into the embrace of spring. Although my destination was merely a trip to the doctor's office, the simple act of rolling down my car window and feeling the gentle breeze at a perfect 62 degrees filled me with newfound appreciation.

As I embarked on my drive, the familiar chords of Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping" filled the air. There's a timeless quality to this song, an anthem for seizing the day and embracing the ups and down, the twists and turns. "I get knocked down, but I get up again; you're never gonna

keep me down," is a powerful reminder to persevere, keep pushing forward, and to never let setbacks define us.  

With each chorus, I found myself unable to resist joining in, singing along as if the world were my stage. And as the final notes faded, I was left with a profound sense of gratitude for life's simple pleasures - for road trips, sunny days, and music that fills the soul.

It was as if the universe itself was joining in on the celebration of spring, reminding me to cherish these moments of joy and embrace the beauty of the present. Here's to more drives filled with sunshine, music, and the sweet promise of springtime.

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It was the dose of music medicine you needed!

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