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Book Cover Contest: Why I Love My Book Cover

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As an author, I've have been part of the creative process from start to finish. Among the essential elements of a book's visual appeal, the cover holds a special place, and I'm currently excited to be participating in a book cover contest. This contest brings together authors from various genres to showcase their book covers and the stories they represent. I am thrilled to share that "I Don't Celebrate Anything" has made it to the final round.

I am in love with the design of my book cover. The talented artist, Alexandra Russo did an amazing job of breathing life into Annie. When I first saw this illustration, I knew it was the perfect illustration for the book. It's not just visually eye-catching, it conveys the emotional turmoil that Annie experiences due to the whispers labeling her weird and the persistent questions of why she is different.

Every time I look at my book covers, I am reminded of the hours spent working on telling my story. The story that sheds the light on the hurt someone feels when their traditions are mocked or misunderstood. The cover summarizes the dreams and aspirations I had while crafting the story. It also has been a great conversation starter, initiating discussions about Annie's story and the true theme of traditions and family.

As I participate in this cover contest, I invite all of you to join me in celebrating the art of book covers. While I hold my own covers close to my heart my covers, I equally enjoy the opportunity to discover the creativity and talent of my fellow authors.

Thank you for being part of my literacy journey. Your support means the world to me.

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