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Sweetwater Coffee & Tea

This year has been filled with exciting opportunities, and one that stands out is my participation in several author pop-up events at Sweetwater Coffee and Tea's locations across Metro Detroit. While the ultimate goal is connecting with new readers, I have come to realize that these pop-ups are about much more – they're a celebration of camaraderie among fellow authors.

On December 3rd, I attended one such event in Ann Arbor, and it turned out to be the highlight of my week. As I walked in, I was greeted by warm hellos, friendly smiles, and even hugs from fellow authors. The atmosphere was of genuine friendship as we exchanged thoughts about our newest endeavors and celebrated shared successes, such as my recent book cover win.   

What struck me most was the authentic interest my fellow authors showed in each other's success.   The sense of unity as we talked about our writing journey and the challenges and triumphs we've experienced along the way.

As readers came in, what stood out was the collaboration among us. There was no sense of competition for sales; instead, we encouraged visitors to interact with all the authors. Every sale was a shared celebration. In quieter moments, we talked about our families, offered advice on books, and discussed strategies for marketing and networking.

As the day drew to a close, the anticipation for the next event was already in the air. Even discussions of other author meet-ups. The experience reinforced the notion that in this community, success is not a solo journey but a collective effort, and the bonds formed are as valuable as the stories we tell.

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