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The Kroger Experience

Books in Grocery Stores? YES!

Today, I had the privilege of signing books at a Kroger in Ann Arbor Michigan. This was my 15th location since I joined the Authors In Grocery Store Program last year. My day began with an early morning drive, accompanied by a playlist of show tunes, my off-key singing, and a Starbucks Frappuccino. But it was the drive back home that allowed me time to reflect on my day.

As I drove through the beautiful fall landscape with the Piano Guys' playing in the background, I realized that my day was successful. It wasn't because I sold books, but rather the connections I made with people in the community. I heard stories about children, grandbabies, and even a great grandbaby. I met children who were passionate about reading and others who were just starting to read. I encountered a U of M student majoring in education and a retired teacher with 40 years of classroom experience.

During these conversations, I had the chance to share Annie's story and listen to others' experiences that were like hers. It's moments like these that remind me that my books are more than just stories. They serve as mirrors, reflecting that their childhood is/was not weird, that others have similar stories. They also act as windows, offering a glimpse into childhoods different from their own.

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